Warning: the service you receive on this page is of a commercial character in accordance with the following price list and conditions. Before you request the same, check whether you can find the answer on our website.

Here you can get answers to questions or topics you did not find on our website. Here you can request and get health advice about concerns you may have about your medical fitness or a more comprehensive opinion about your health condition and our assessment, based on documentation you will provide to us. Travellers to foreign countries here may seek advice on required vaccinations, security assessment, water and food quality at another destination, climate conditions and availability of healthcare facilities.

Athletes may seek advice related to specific problems they might encounter during travelling, at a competition or related to doping.

  Type of inquiry Price Response within:
1 Simple request on work ability without submitting medical documentation – response up to three sentences. 150 KN 48 hours
2 Advice for healthy persons on recommended vaccines and malaria when travelling abroad 200 KN 48 hours
3 Comprehensive advice for healthy persons on all types of health risks, security assessment, water and food quality, climate, recommended proceedings, recommended healthcare facilities 700 KN 72 hours
4 Advice for ill persons on risks and recommended proceedings when travelling abroad 1000 KN 96 hours
5 Expertise of medical documentation with an opinion 2500 KN As agreed


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