No, an announcement is not required, it is sufficient to come to the medical practice between 8,00 and 9,00 am, without eating, and the medical examination will be performed till 12,00 am, regardless of the flag or company.

An identification document (ID card, passport or seafarers book) and for boarding on cruisers the vaccination card as well.

Yes, a copy is sufficient. Owing to a good system of mandatory vaccination, our population is well vaccinated and for our seafarers foreign companies accept a copy as well.

We will vaccinate you or test your blood for antibodies proving vaccination or recovery from of a disease and also issue you a vaccination card.

No, we cannot vaccinate you against yellow fever – for this you will have to go to the Teaching Institute for Public Health of Primorsko-Goranska County, Krešimirova 52, which is the sole authority for that vaccination. In accordance with International Health Regulations (IHR), every international airport must have an institution in which this vaccination is carried out and the “Yellow book” is issued. They will vaccinate you without announcement and the price of that vaccine is approx. 320 HRK.

It includes the complete examination and laboratory tests in accordance with the Croatian law compliant with STCW and MLC 2006 Convention, and additional tests and examinations if the company requests the same.

No, you don’t: if the examination for your company contains everything that is the standard examination for our matricula – you don’t; but at the beginning of the examination you have to tell us that you require the examination for the matricula as well, and our specialist for occupational health authorized for that examination will examine you.

Yes, you can get it if the examination was performed by us and if the examination standard is the same, i.e. if no additional tests are required, but the dates on that certificate will equal the dates on the document from which the transcript is performed.

No, you cannot. Our examination for the matricula is performed in accordance with the Croatian law stipulating the content of the examination and the form of the certificate. Therefore it is important that you tell us at the beginning of the examination that you also require the examination for our matricula.

No, if more than one month has passed, you cannot. The examination for the Croatian matricula is performed in accordance with our laws and that is not possible. In this case you will have to make a new examination with new laboratory findings. In any case, our specialist for occupational health authorized for that examination will have to examine you.


No, it isn’t – that examination is performed in accordance with OGUK standard and not in accordance with STCW and MLC 2006 Convention standards.

Workers on drill ships, as a rule, are not considered to be seafarers and they require a two- year renewal of examination in accordance with STCW / MLC 2006 Convention.

Yes, you can, we are the only institution in Croatia authorized by CAA for that examination.

No, if you are performing the OGUK examination simultaneously.


Yes, we are authorized for that examinations as well.

Examination for workers

Yes, for them it is required to make an appointment at the telephone number 313323. Previously you have to conclude with us an agreement on performing these activities. The application is available on our website.

Yes, for them a filled out referral from the employer (Form RA 1) with specified works which the worker performs is obligatory.

For the previous examination you perform payment for the examination to us and after that you can refund it from the Croatian Health Insurance Fund. For the periodical examination of employees no payment is performed and we issue an invoice to the Croatian Health Insurance Fund.

If the referral is not filled out correctly or if something was added later, the Croatian Health Insurance Fund will not accept the same and you will have to pay for the examination. Also, if you send the worker to examination after the stipulated deadline indicated in his/her certificate on work ability.

In case of sick leave, maternity leave or natural disasters, the examination can be performed after the cessation of these circumstances and the Croatian Health Insurance Fund shall bear the costs.

You can, but not more than 30 days before the specified date of compulsory control examination.

Drivers, weapons, enrolment in schools

No, it is sufficient to come between 9,30 am and 2,00 pm with a certificate on history of diseases from your physician.

No, they have to come between 8,00 and 9,00 am for blood drawing, also with a certificate from their physician.

No, it is not, but we perform these examinations only on Tuesdays because the participation of a psychiatrist is required in that examination. For these examinations it is also required to come between 8,00 and 9,00 am with a certificate from your physician.