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Our services

Medical examinations for employment, medical examinations of seafarers for seamen’s books and all foreign flags, preliminary and periodic medical examinations, for workplaces with special working conditions, medical examinations of persons who spend more than 4 hours working on a computer, medical examinations of workers exposed to ionizing radiation, medical examinations of drivers of all categories, amateurs and professionals, exceptional and regular control medical examinations for drivers of all categories, medical examination for possession and carrying weapons, for security guards, guards and firemen, medical examinations of pupils and students when enrolling in Croatian and foreign schools and faculties, medical examinations for opening crafts and employment, medical examinations of athletes, amateurs and professionals, medical examinations for working abroad and obtaining visas, medical examinations for permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia, participation in the work of the committee for safety at work, medical examinations for insurance companies and expertise for disability commissions, training for providing first aid for workers during work, periodic medical check-ups of employees.

Offshore industry

Occupational health



What makes us different

Since its establishment in the early nineties our institution works in accordance with the highest international quality standards of prestigious international certification institutions, P&I Clubs, and Medical Assistance companies. In our work we use globally accepted criteria and procedures, submitting our work to constants reviews. Due to cooperation with international institutions such as IMO, ILO, WHO, we became a global reference point for the health of workers in maritime and offshore industry.

We are experts and associates of major Croatian and global institutions, and we worked with UN agencies on the development of some of the most important international real tools on medical examination standards, today used globally. Through cooperation with the IOC on the organization of Olympic Games and other major sports events, we became a must in global sport. All this ensures our clients a high quality service with safe, verifiable and accepted results wherever they are required.


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