Traveler’s clinic

A proper assessment can be made and a correct advice can be given only with risk assessment and by using the most recent information from world’s centres and by relying on the most recent available information in applying methods of protection and care. The need for such advice which requires both the knowledge of the health status of tourists and the current epidemical situation and health legislation and, of course, the knowledge of medical disciplines “medicine of tourism” and “medicine of travels” is a problem for all health services of all countries, because none of the existing institutions was able to respond to all these requirements, but possibly only to a part of them. There are many people, organizations and services from which tourists may seek information. Web search engines significantly help in finding advice but there is always the problem of resources and ignorance of context.

It is not enough to just provide information for use, they must be processed and placed in the context of the person who needs the same. Hence, the main problem is how to coordinate information and gather them at one place and make them available for use to people who are experts for such problems and who are continuously dealing with the same. It should be noted that there are 50 to 80 changes in epidemiological reports and recommendations annually. The establishment of the so-called “Traveller’s Clinic” has proven to be the best solution. These are offices or institutions located next to a medical institution or established by bigger tourist organizations or carriers as their service (“British Airways” has such service for its passengers).

The purpose and activity of such institutions would be:

  • Assessment of health risk for passengers travelling abroad.
  • Examination of passengers before they are travelling in order to be able to assess the risk.
  • Giving advice on personal hygiene during the trip (clothing, diet, sexual behaviour).
  • Providing information on climate and temperature in the country you are travelling to as well as advice on behaviour in accordance with these conditions (recommended clothing, sanitary conditions of water, milk and food).
  • Prescribing drugs if chemoprophylaxis is necessary (for example, malaria) in accordance with WHO recommendations towards the so-called “A,B,C countries”, respectively prescribing drugs for chronic diseases from which the traveller is suffering.
  • Performing vaccination, general and the one necessary due to the health status of the person who is travelling.
  • Examinations of travellers after return related to possible infectious diseases.
  • Giving verbal and written instructions regarding health risks in the country that will be visited, respectively in accordance with the itinerary in case they are visiting more countries.
  • Monitoring the regularity of vaccinations.
  • Providing information about the option of possible medical care in the area to which the passenger is travelling.
  • Providing information about toxic and dangerous poisonous animals and plants.
  • Providing information about alleviating seasickness and jet lag.
  • Filling out the so-called “Health Passport” of the traveller, which the same takes with him/her on the trip.
  • Providing general advice to the traveller (for example, to take spare glasses, to examine his/her teeth, to take a first aid set, insect repellents and sunscreen).
  • Providing advice about adaptation to height and drugs for preventing “altitude sickness” if required.
  • Providing information about AIDS risk.
  • Providing information about the availability of parallel drugs and quantities which can be brought to a certain country.
  • Providing so-called “specific advice” to pregnant women, diabetics, patients with cardiovascular diseases, elderly people, children, disabled persons and airplane passengers.


“Traveller’s Clinic” in the City of Rijeka is organized in our institution in cooperation with the “General medical practice Nebojša Nikolić dr. med.” which is located at the same address and where, for example, you can get the required vaccine. On this site you can also send us your inquiries and we can provide you the required information in this way as well.